eTumba is a mobile banking service provided by AB Bank Zambia and shall be responsible for the account opening, acceptance and deposit of funds into the account, transfer and withdrawals of funds from the account, and the execution of other operations as per the Account Holder’s instructions subject to the Bank’s charter, policy and procedures and other founding documents.

1. Terms and Conditions

  • To use eTumba, the Customer must be at least 16 years old
  • Customers shall not use eTumba for transfer of funds for illegal activities.
  • The Account Holder agrees to pay for all related account fees according to the Bank’s current List of Tariffs
  • The Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Zambia and disputes which cannot be settled on a bilateral basis will be resolved in the courts of Zambia.
  • Should the customer not agree with these Terms and Conditions, (s)he shall be ineligible and prevented from using the related services.
  • The Bank will periodically amend, add, delete, update or alter the information, including without limitation, the Terms and Conditions of use for eTumba, without notice at any time. These changes may be found on eTumba’s website ( or published in AB Bank branches. Further, the Bank assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Use of eTumba

  • The Customer acknowledges that information transmitted through eTumba or any other communication system, including wireless communication system, is susceptible to unlawful access, distortion and monitoring and that the Customer uses eTumba at his/her own risk.
  • The provision of eTumba will not entitle the Customer to overdraw the account, except if the Customer applied and has been granted an overdraft Bank product. As such, all operations shall be conducted within the limits of the available balance on the account.
  • The Bank deals with the Customer remotely when he/she is using eTumba. As such, the Customer authorizes the Bank to act on and to accept all instructions and transactions that occur after the Customer provides authentication by the use of:
    • PIN;
    • Or any other procedures which may be defined by the Bank and communicated to the Customer via contracts, SMS, e-mails or any new updated disclosures of the Bank products and security features on the Bank website.

3. Un-authorized uses

  • The Customer must inform the Bank immediately by going physically to the Bank’s branches or calling the Customer Support Center at 888, or email; [email protected] if he/she knows or suspects that his/her PIN code(s) have been subjected to unauthorized use.
  • If any unauthorized person obtains the PIN code(s) in any manner whatsoever, such a person will be regarded as the Customer’s duly authorized agent with full authority to use eTumba on the Customer’s behalf, until the Bank is duly informed of a contrary position.

4. Rights and Liabilities of the Bank

  • The Bank bears responsibility for conducting operations through the accounts in accordance with the regulations and legislation in force in Zambia and the generally accepted banking practices.
  • The Bank shall accept both cash and non-cash deposits and withdrawals from the Account Holder and money transfer transactions on the account subject to the terms and conditions applied by the bank.
  • The Bank has the right to use-of-funds over balances held on Account Holder’s accounts as long as this does not limit/prevent the execution of Account Holder’s instructions for account transactions.
  • The Bank guarantees that information regarding the Account Holder, and any account operations will remain confidential to the extent permitted by the law.
  • The Bank reserves the right to deduct applicable account fees from the balance on the Account Holder’s account without any restrictions.
  • The Bank reserves the right to amend the tariffs without prior notification to the Account Holder
  • The Bank reserves the right to deduct amounts owed on a loan installment from eTumba to any other AB Bank Account with an overdue status.

5. Duties of the Customer

  • The Account Holder shall immediately inform the Bank of any changes in the information previously provided to the Bank.
  • The Customer must ensure secure retention of his/her PIN or other security features. The Customer is prohibited from disclosing the PIN or other security features to any third parties to prevent access by unauthorized person.
  • If the Customer suspects that the PIN or other security features have become compromised, the Customer must immediately notify the Bank and arrange to immediately change his/her security features.
  • The Customer indemnifies the Bank against any damages, losses and/or consequential damages that the Bank may suffer as a result of incorrect, wrong, unauthorized and/or wrongful instructions or information given by the Customer or any other person authorized or deemed to be authorized to act on behalf of the Customer.

6. Availability of eTumba

  • eTumba will be available on a 24/7 basis, subject to the availability of the Internet and mobile networks connections and to any periods required for necessary maintenance of the internet and mobile Networks connections.
  • Should eTumba be unavailable for whatever reason, the Customer must use the Bank’s other available service channels and take reasonable steps to minimize and/or prevent loss or risk.
  • The Bank also reserves the right to make any additions or deletions in the services offered through eTumba services at any time.

7. Requirements

  • Should the Customer desire to obtain access to eTumba, the Customer must register with a Mobile Network Operator before the commencement date, have a working cell phone and will be solely responsible for all related costs.
  • Should the cell phone requirements be modified with a view to improving or upgrading eTumba, the resultant costs of any new cell phone or service provider connection required so as to use eTumba will be borne by the Customer.
  • In the event that the Customer experiences connectivity or other access related difficulties on the mobile phone and/or Mobile Network Operator, it is the Customer’s responsibility to liaise with the Mobile Network Operator prior to contacting the Bank.

8. Liability for losses or damages

  • The Customer acknowledges that the use of eTumba is at the Customer’s own risks.
  • The Bank will not be responsible for any damages, losses or consequential damages which the Customer may suffer as a result of:
    • Any malfunction or defect in the hardware used by the Customer (which includes the mobile device);
    • Any defect in the software used by the Customer to gain access to eTumba;
    • Any act or omission by the Mobile Network Operator or any defect in eTumba or any other medium by which access is gained to the system;
    • eTumba being off-line or unavailable;
    • Any industrial action;
    • Any other circumstances not reasonably within the Bank’s control;
    • Erroneous, unauthorized, incomplete or unlawful instruction from the Customer;
    • Unlawful or unauthorized access by any another person(s);
    • Incorrect or late execution on non-payment of any instruction given by the Customer.

9. Termination, suspension or withdrawal of eTumba services

  • In order to protect the Customer, the Bank and the banking systems, the Bank is entitled to immediately suspend or withdraw all or part of the eTumba services if:
  • the Channel is being used contrary to the present Terms and Conditions;
  • the Bank believes that the security of the system used to provide eTumba services may be compromised.
  • The Bank has the right to terminate this agreement if the account is considered dormant or for any other reason that the bank deems necessary in accordance with the rules set by the Bank of Zambia. The Customer may reapply at the Bank’s branches for eTumba at any time.
  • The Account Holder can terminate the Agreement at any time on the basis of a written application to close the Account, resulting in account closure.
  • In the event of a dispute, which cannot be resolved by mutual discussion between the Bank and Customer, such dispute shall be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of Zambian Courts.
  • If the Agreement is terminated, credit funds on the account shall be returned to the Account Holder or, upon the Account Holder’s instructions shall be transferred to another account within reasonable time.

10. Handling of complaints

  • Should Customers be dissatisfied with eTumba offered by AB Bank Zambia Ltd., they have the right to raise a complaint through:
    • any of the Bank’s branches in person; or
    • by telephone to the Bank Contact Center at 888, or  by email to [email protected]

We also welcome compliments which  the Customer may bring to our attention through the same channels as outlined above.

 The Account Holder hereby acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and agreed to the provisions of the contract.

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