Create a free bank account in minutes

Dial *888# or download the eTumba app on Google Play or App Store and register instantly, anywhere, anytime and at no costs.

Man Transacting on eTumba
eTumba Transact with Agent and Send money

Free transfers to other banks and mobile wallets

Send and receive money from other banks and mobile wallets in real-time. Receive instant transaction confirmation via SMS or app notification.

Easy access
to cash

Deposit and withdraw at any Kazang agent, 543 Konse Konse agent, Zoona agent, or at any AB Bank branch.

New Withdraw cash at any Atlasmara or Stanbic ATM!

eTumba Agents, Kazang, 543 and Zoona
Pays Bills, Buy Airtime

Pay bills and
buy airtime

Use eTumba to pay your electricity, TV and water bills and buy airtime & data – completely free of charge!

Refer a friend and get a reward

Invite your friends to join eTumba and earn a reward.

Join eTumba

Start enjoying convenience at your fingertips. eTumba is now available on Google Play Store and via our shortcode *888#


Call 888 For More Info


We have compiled some frequently asked questions to help you have an overview about eTumba. Call 888 for more information.

Dial *888# on any network or download the eTumba app from Google Play Store or App Store and follow the easy and quick self-registration process. It takes only one minute! Your eTumba account gets automatically activated once you deposit or receive some money on it. Note that you do not need to be an AB Bank customer to register for eTumba.

Registration: Free

Account Maintenance: Free

Money Transfers: Free

Bill Payments: Free

Airtime/Data Top-Ups: Free

Cash Deposit/Withdrawal at AB Bank: Free

Cash Deposit at Agent:  Free for the first 5 deposits in a week and 1.5% of the deposited amount thereafter. Max fee: K20

Withdrawal at Agent: 2% of withdrawn amount. Max fee: K20

Withdrawal at ATM: 2% of withdrawn amount. Max fee: K20

Within Zambia, eTumba can be used from anywhere at any time. If you are not in Zambia, you can use the app wherever you have internet connection; the availability of USSD service may vary (please enquire with your mobile network provider). Please note that for certain operations (e.g. self-registration, re-pairing of phone) you will need to be able to receive a one-time pin (OTP) via SMS.

With a self-registered eTumba account you can hold a maximum of K10,000. However, you can upgrade your account in any AB Bank branch and remove this limit. If you are already customer of AB Bank you can at the same time link one of your accounts to eTumba to be able to pull money from it.

You can pay ZESCO, Lusaka Water, Nkana Water, Mulonga Water, DStv, GOtv, TopStar. All bill payments are free of charge!

Yes, you can buy airtime for MTN, Airtel, and Zamtel for yourself and other numbers. You can top-up data for MTN and Liquid. Airtime/Data top-ups are free of charge!

With eTumba you can send money to other eTumba users, AB Bank accounts, other mobile money wallets and other banks. Fund transfers are free of charge!

  1. Deposit money into your eTumba account via any Kazang agent, 543 Konse Konse agent, Zoona agent or AB Bank branch.
  2. Receive a transfer from eTumba, other banks or mobile wallets. On eTumba, you can also use the “Request money from a Friend” feature.
  3. Pull money from your linked AB Bank account (provided that you are AB Bank customer and you have upgraded eTumba at an AB Bank branch).

To deposit money into your eTumba account, simply provide the Kazang, 543 Konse Konse or Zoona agent with your phone number used to register on eTumba and the cash you want to deposit. Please validate the transaction details by checking the receipt provided by the agent or the SMS confirmation.

You can withdraw funds at any Kazang agent, 543 Konse Konse agent, Zoona agent, or Stanbic and Zanaco ATMs. To withdraw dial *888# or log into the eTumba app and select the “Transact with Agent/ATM” option. Choose “Withdraw cash from Kazang, 543 or Zoona agent” or "Withdraw cash from ATM" and a withdrawal code will be automatically generated and be valid for 5 minutes. Provide the code to the agent or enter the code into the ATM and collect your money.

This is a feature that allows you to refer your friends and family to use eTumba, all you have to do is enter their phone number and they will receive an SMS to sign up for eTumba at no cost. 

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