The Wamya Boba Campaign

Information on how to enter and information on prizes form part of these terms and conditions. Any entry not complying with these terms and conditions is invalid and will be rejected.



The promoter is AB Bank Zambia Limited, a Company registered in Zambia under registration number 87654 and having its registered office at Stand No. 227682, Acacia Park, Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Roads, P.O. Box 38173 Lusaka, Zambia.

Promotion Duration

  1. The promotion shall run from the 1st of October 2023 to 31st December 2023.
  2. However, the promotion can be withdrawn by the promoter at any time, after which no further entries will be accepted.
  3. The dates when draws will be conducted will be determined by the promoter.

The promoter reserves the right to change the date of conducting the draw for the winners of prizes.



  1. The promotion is open to any customer who has an active eTumba wallet.
  2. Winners will be picked based on the following eligibility criteria:
    • Bi-Weekly Draw: Participant has increased his/her Yaka Savings balance by a minimum of ZMW500 within the two-week period. For the sake of simplicity, the cut of dates for every two-week period are always the 15th of a month and the end of a month.
    • Final Draw: Participant has increased his/her Yaka Savings balance by a minimum of ZMW3,000 during the duration of the promotion, and the participant must have reached at least three times eligibility for a bi-weekly draw (i.e. increased his/her savings by a minimum of K500 during at least three bi-weekly intervals). Every increase in Yaka Savings balance exceeding K3,000 shall increase the chances of winning proportionally, e.g. an increase of K4,500 increases the winning chances by 1.5, an increase of K9,000 shall increase the chances by 3 etc.
  3. All eligible entries will be entered into the draws to be conducted between 1st October 2023 and 10th January 2024.
  4. Any eTumba wallet account holder who is subject to a court process or restriction of any sort or is under any other restriction by any other authority in Zambia or elsewhere will not be eligible to participate and will be disqualified from the promotion
  5. AB Bank Zambia Limited Staff are not eligible to participate in this campaign (but are invited to participate in a dedicated campaign for staff). Close family members are equally not eligible (parents, spouse, children and siblings).
  6. Participants do not need to sign up to take part in the competition. All clients who deposit the minimum required amount in their Yaka Savings will automatically qualify for the draws.
  7. A successful participant can only win once during the bi-weekly prizes. For instance, if a participant wins a Kettle in a bi-weekly prize in October, they cannot win in another Bi-weekly prize in the November or December draws. They, however, are eligible to win the grand prize.
  8. Participants who successfully won a bi-weekly prize are eligible to win the grand prize provided they meet the criteria.
  9. All transport costs to and from AB Bank for prize collection will be covered by the client.
  10. AB Bank Zambia is not liable for any after sales service of the prize

Prize (s)

  1. There shall be six (6) bi-weekly draws and one (1) final draw for participants which will be awarded during the promotion from 1st October 2023 and 10th January 2024.
  2. There shall be four (4) participants selected to win in each bi-weekly draw and three (3) participants selected to win in the final draw.
  3. Each participant stands a chance of winning one of following household items:
    Bi-weekly prizes:
    • Kettle
    • Iron
    • Sandwich Maker
    • Blender
    Grand Prize:
    • First Prize – Television
    • Second Prize – Upright Refrigerator
    • Third Prize – Washing Machine

Claiming of Prize (s)

  1. Only the winners will be contacted by AB Bank Zambia on their mobile phone registered under their eTumba.
  2. All prizes should be collected within 30 days of notification, failure to which they will be forfeited to the Bank.
  3. Prizes of the Kettle, Iron, Blender, Sandwich Maker, Television, Upright Fridge and Washing Machine may not be exchanged for cash.
  4. All prizes will be collected from AB Bank Zambia’s Head Office, Stand No. 227682 Acacia Park Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Roads Lusaka.
  5. The prizes are not transferrable. The winner may send a representative to collect the prize(s) on their behalf.
  6. Failure to accept the prize or the associated terms and conditions will result in the prize being withdrawn and or possibly allocated to an alternative prize winner at the discretion of the promoter, AB Bank Zambia LTD.
  7. Winners must be able to identify themselves with a valid ID document (i.e., NRC, passport or driving license), and the identity must correspond with the registration details on eTumba.

General Terms

All participants agree to be bound by the competition rules.
  1. The draws will be conducted at the promoter’s sole and absolute discretion in the presence of the Bank’s internal auditors.
  2. The draws will be conducted at the promoter’s premises AB Bank Zambia, Head Office, Stand No. 227682 Acacia Park Corner of Thabo Mbeki and Great East Roads, P.O. Box 38173 Lusaka, Zambia.
  3. By participating in the promotion, all participants hereby grant the Promoter the absolute and unfettered right to:
    • Disclose or publish the participants’ information and any other information to any party in any medium as the Promoter may in its absolute discretion deem fit for any reasons whatsoever.
    • Use, amend modify, adapt, reproduce, publish any still or moving images of the participants that are taken during the promotion or the redemption of the gifts for any promotional or marketing or commercial or any other purposes as we may in its absolute discretion deem fit without any payment or compensation.
  4. The promoter reserves the right to terminate or amend the terms of this promotion at any point during the promotion period by giving (7) days’ notice of this intention.
  5. The promoter’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Accounts that are closed prior to the end of the qualifying period will not be eligible for prizes.
  7. During each draw, participants shall be eligible to win one of each prize.
  8. Winners shall be randomly selected during each Electronic Draw.
  9. The promoter’s decision as to the winners of the draws shall be final and conclusive.
  10. In case of a dispute, the promoter’s decision will be final. There shall be no appeal on any grounds whatsoever..
  11. If the promoter is required by the Minister of Finance and National Planning Trade or the State Lotteries Board or other regulatory authorities to alter any aspect of this competition or terminate the same as a result of changes in legislation or other regulatory reasons, the promoter shall have the right to terminate this competition with immediate effect and without notice of such termination. In such event, all participants hereby waive rights which they may have against the promoter and hereby acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against the promoter, it’s agents or contractors.
*Kindly note that all conditions on eTumba remain the same throughout the campaign, i.e., charges on transactions and interest rate calculations.
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